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2009 03 16 DYP at TG:

[Image: 2009+03+16_DYP_0238Small.jpg] [Image: 2009+03+16_DYP_0251Small.jpg]

[Image: 2009+03+16_DYP_0231Small.jpg]

[Image: 2009+03+16_DYP_0233Small.jpg]

Album is at : 2009 DYP At TG
Omg is that Liudas? <3 miss him so much
the one and only [Image: 2009+09+11_Liudas_0194Small.jpg]
this might be harder to explain [Image: 2001-05-PinksLake01Gollum.jpg]
lol.... I'm sure luidas loves this one...
yes Liudas did - that's a shot from a video made (and posted) when he was about to go back home -- he asked me for a copy.
aww.. Thanks for the shares Smile
2009 03 18 End Winter League at TG:

[Image: 2009+03+18_League_0145Small.jpg]

[Image: 2009+03+18_League_0090Small.jpg]

[Image: 2009+03+18_League_0139CSmall.jpg] [Image: 2009+03+18_League_0159Small.jpg]

[Image: 2009+03+18_League_0143Small.jpg] [Image: 2009+03+18_League_0097Small.jpg]

[Image: 2009+03+18_League_0101Small.jpg]

[Image: 2009+03+18_League_0134Small.jpg]

[Image: 2009+03+18_League_0094Small.jpg]

Album is at: 2009 End Winter League
What is the last league Taha and Chris went to before their break?

I think so. I played with Eric and Dave. Chris might have even stopped before that.

This photo was taken almost a year later in occasion of the end of the 15th anniversary winter league:

[Image: 2010+02+03_EndOfLeagueTournament_0120Small.jpg]

for Chris A the last photo I have before his break is much earlier at the 2005 10 22 NCFC at Zampub

Gid, You got any pics of when we first played at TG. Remember the tattoo model who waitressed for us. I think her name was MO. Just wondering .
March 2009 At Tail Gaters: [Image: 2009+03+04_AtTailGaters_0160Small.jpg]

she's a tattoo artist in barrhaven now....
2009 03 04 League Night At Tail Gaters:

[Image: 2009+03+04_AtTailGaters_0184Small.jpg]

[Image: 2009+03+04_AtTailGaters_0103Small.jpg] [Image: 2009+03+04_AtTailGaters_0171Small.jpg]

[Image: 2009+03+04_AtTailGaters_0149Small.jpg]

Flash:[Image: 2009+03+04_AtTailGaters_0118Small.jpg]NoFlash:[Image: 2009+03+04_AtTailGaters_0155Small.jpg]
NoFlash photo looks better

NoFlash:[Image: 2009+03+04_AtTailGaters_0136Small.jpg] Flash:[Image: 2009+03+04_AtTailGaters_0178Small.jpg]
Well both Flash and NoFlash photos are pretty good here

Album is at: March 2009
Whoa! I forgot all about this jersey! ... and the reporter-person-thing!

I wonder where I put that thing..
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