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Full Version: 2013 05 15 - Last League (Sub) Night For Mario :(
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Last League Sub Night For Mario -- Edmonton bound Sad
[Image: 2013+05+15_MarioLeavingForEdmonton_0052VSmall.jpg] [Image: 2013+05+15_MarioLeavingForEdmonton_0053VSmall.jpg]

[Image: 2013+05+15_MarioLeavingForEdmonton_0011Small.jpg]

[Image: 2013+05+15_MarioLeavingForEdmonton_0012Small.jpg]

[Image: 2013+05+15_MarioLeavingForEdmonton_0033Small.jpg]


? [Image: 2013+05+15_MarioLeavingForEdmonton_0019Small.jpg] [Image: ragnar_lothbrok07copy.jpg]

Ragnar Lothbrok, right?

[Image: RagnarLothbrokCollageSmall.jpg]

(18-May-2013, 05:20 PM)5000 Years Old Man Wrote: [ -> ]Ragnar Lothbrok, right?

More like Techno Viking
that's some peculiar character there
The album for Mario's sendoff is at: 2013 05 15 Subbing Mario

We are going to really miss Super Sub Mario. He has helped lots of teams out on many occasions and he can step into any tier when asked. Have fun and good luck on your western adventure.
not sure way, I got requests to "share this album", I pressed the buttons but this won't do, the album was "public" just like all the others I loaded there before

the interface of this Google+ for loading photos/albums (or whatyoumightcallit) has just been changed on me, that's alway a pain as far as I'm concerned, now loading is much slower and the flighty buzzwords abound more than ever

I don't know "likes", "circles", "friends", "shares" and any such terms evidently inspired by early kindergarden experiences; and don't care to learn the crap as presently I unlearn much faster than learn and it will not get better -- but if I set an album to "Public" I'd like it to be public -- why do I need to share something that is public? was this album reset to something other than public and why, what would cause that

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