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Full Version: I'd Rather Be There...
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I'd rather be here: [Image: cow.gif]

[Image: 2011+09+17_BucketListWest_0021AmphSelfPSmall.jpg]
bucatini + house bolognese

[Image: 2012+08+11_Pasta+and+Sauce_0081CropCow.jpg]

March 2005, Stoney Swamp Woods

[Image: 2005-03-DeerSurprise02RatherBeHere3.jpg]
[Image: 1999-07-400-Rasciesa1RatherBeThere.jpg]

16 September 2011, Bryce Canyon

[Image: 2011+09+16_BucketListWest_0282SmallCopyr...iderle.jpg]
November 2010 at the Canadian National Championships

[Image: 2010+11+00_Tournament+Poster.jpg] [Image: 2010+11+14_CanadianNationalChampionships...sSmall.jpg]

[Image: 2010+09+10_TG%2527sJennifer_0155FSmall2.jpg] [Image: 2011+04+01_XBOX+360+Tourney_0002Small2.jpg]

[Image: 2010+09+25_Ontario+Beauty_3871Small.jpg]
August 7 2009, Alberta Rockies -- the grizzly is in the ditch eating berries and has not yet seen me

[Image: 2009+08+07_AlbertaBanff_0076CopyrightsSmall.jpg]
"Genuine Re-enactment" Tongue

[Image: 2009+08+07_AlbertaBanff_0072ReenactmentSmall.jpg]
Fresh from today, these are for Julian, by request:

[Image: 2013+10+20_Pasta+and+Sauce_0027Small.jpg]

[Image: 2013+10+20_Pasta+and+Sauce_0030Small.jpg]

[Image: 2013+10+20_Pasta+and+Sauce_0032.Small.jpg]

Your stove is so clean.

stove is new and blacktop is impossible to maintain clean
just happened that tray and large pots covered stains
if I live long enough to need another stove it will have the traditional cooking top

September 2011, Yellowstone at Lower Fall:

[Image: 2011+09+07_BucketListWest_0134BSmallCopyrights.jpg]

[Image: 2011+09+07_BucketListWest_0044SmallCopyrights.jpg]

[Image: 2011+09+07_BucketListWest_0042SmalCopyrights.jpg]

[Image: 2011+09+07_BucketListWest_0067SmallCopyrights.jpg]
September 2010, Nova Scotia near Louisbourg

[Image: 2010+09+06_Trip+Maritimes_0332Small.jpg]
Wow Gid, those pics are beautiful!


[Image: 2011+09+07_BucketListWest_0168SmallCopyrights.jpg]
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