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Old Warrior Video - SilentSam - 06-Nov-2017

Chris, remember discussing Warrior's table revisions and our 2008 tournament?

I found a video showcasing the first run of Warrior tables...

I heard that you could dent the playfield with a fingernail on this run of tables. Needless to say, they broke down even quicker than the ones we received for the Ottawa tournament.

RE: Old Warrior Video - SilentSam - 06-Nov-2017

Since the video is poor quality, here are some pics:

White figure:

Black figure:

RE: Old Warrior Video - SilentSam - 06-Nov-2017

Here's a vid of the 3rd revision I was talking about... The rods were a different size, so when they sent me replacement parts for the 3rd time they no longer fit.