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2013 05 15 - Last League (Sub) Night For Mario :(
not sure way, I got requests to "share this album", I pressed the buttons but this won't do, the album was "public" just like all the others I loaded there before

the interface of this Google+ for loading photos/albums (or whatyoumightcallit) has just been changed on me, that's alway a pain as far as I'm concerned, now loading is much slower and the flighty buzzwords abound more than ever

I don't know "likes", "circles", "friends", "shares" and any such terms evidently inspired by early kindergarden experiences; and don't care to learn the crap as presently I unlearn much faster than learn and it will not get better -- but if I set an album to "Public" I'd like it to be public -- why do I need to share something that is public? was this album reset to something other than public and why, what would cause that



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RE: 2013 05 15 - Last League (Sub) Night For Mario :( - by 5000 Years Old Man - 20-May-2013, 03:32 PM

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