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Toronto Open Championships June 15-17th Flyer
No Spredeman, first place up for grabs Tongue
Friday DYP
1 Garrett Francis / maroun yazbeck
2 Nhu "Nhuzilla" Tran / Rob Nelson
3 Olivier Levesque / Jennifer Caron
4 Allan Kwan / Jen Chi
5 Sean "Tiger" Lee / Rehman Merali
5 Alexandre Lehouillier / Sheldon Yu
7 MOHAMMED "moodie" El-Karaouni / Anthony D'Souza
7 Jesse Haw / Francois Veilleux
9 Nat UofT / Mathieu "Biggie" Bigeault
9 Adrian Matheson / Mario "Schnoozy" Iannuzzi
9 wayne wicks / Elizabeth "Elli" Minty
9 Laurent Paquin-Marcotte / Jen "jen" Ngai
13 Steve Zeoke / Vern Rose
13 Pat UofT / Jason "King" Wong
13 Kenny Chow / Terri Matucci

Open Singles
1 Mario Ariganello
2 Mario "Schnoozy" Iannuzzi
3 Mathieu "Biggie" Bigeault
4 Nhu "Nhuzilla" Tran
5 Louis Karastamatis
5 Kane Gabriel
7 Tyson Francis
7 Allan Kwan
9 Ahmad Shadman
9 Anthony D'Souza
9 wayne wicks
9 Jennifer Caron
13 Sean "Tiger" Lee
13 Jen Chi
13 Kitty Shadman

Open Singles Playdown
1 Laurent Paquin-Marcotte
2 Olavo Tavares
3 Kent Ross
4 Olivier Levesque
5 Alexandre Lehouillier
5 Dan Kriz
5 Rob Nelson
5 Francois Veilleux
9 jaime horsburgh
9 Elizabeth "Elli" Minty
9 Jen "jen" Ngai
9 Matthew McCrorey
9 Jesse Haw
9 Garrett Francis
9 marty sukenik
9 Vern Rose
17 Carlos Choi
17 Terri Matucci

Open Doubles
1 Mario "Schnoozy" Iannuzzi / Sean "Tiger" Lee
2 Olavo Tavares / Mike "Sniper" Tavares
3 Mario Ariganello / Kane Gabriel
4 Jennifer Caron / Matthew McCrorey
5 Kenny Chow / Allan Kwan
5 Francois Veilleux / Laurent Paquin-Marcotte
7 Steve Zeoke / Sheldon Yu
7 Calvin Chu / Louis Karastamatis
9 Nhu "Nhuzilla" Tran / Kent Ross
9 Tyson Francis / Garrett Francis
9 Mathieu "Biggie" Bigeault / maroun yazbeck
9 wayne wicks / Anthony D'Souza

Open Doubles Playdown
1 jaime horsburgh / marty sukenik
2 Jason "King" Wong / Rob Nelson
3 Ahmad Shadman / Kitty Shadman
4 Jesse Haw / Dan Kriz
5 Jen Chi / Jen "jen" Ngai
5 Elizabeth "Elli" Minty / Carlos Choi
5 Vern Rose / MOHAMMED "moodie" El-Karaouni
5 Alexandre Lehouillier / Olivier Levesque

Open Mixed
1 Mario Ariganello / Jen Chi
2 Jen "jen" Ngai / Kane Gabriel
3 Jennifer Caron / Mario "Schnoozy" Iannuzzi
4 Ahmad Shadman / Kitty Shadman
5 Nhu "Nhuzilla" Tran / Terri Matucci
5 Elizabeth "Elli" Minty / Jesse Haw
7 Adrianne Lee / Carlos Choi

Multi Table.
1 The Champs
2 Team Quebec
3 The Better Half
4 The Contenders
5 Team Ottawa
5 Half Nelsons
"Man's way to God is with beer in hand." - some Belgium monk
The tournament was super fun and really ran well. Sean, Mario and crew did a really good job. Really enjoyed seeing all the good players from Montreal and Toronto and everywhere else. USA. The whole group were really friendly and the foos was great fun.
Pretty good venue. Great food. Oh yea the owner of team play is a great guy and has a great little business going.
Good job you Toronto guys.

All the Ottawa foosers who missed out of this really missed one of the great little tourneys in our area.
I echo Vern's sentiments. I really liked the venue, the only issue was the heat... I think I lost 20 lbs playing.

For a first tournament, it was really well done. I'll be going to the next one.

Edit: A special Thank You to Elli for offering, and driving, my table back to Ottawa! That was badass.
Damn, I still cant believe we got that table in the back of Ellies car. LOL. Absolutely amazing. My next car may have to be a Mazda. They have lots of well designed room in them.

Way to go Ellie and Dan. On a side note I figured out how we could get two tables in my Chev but we would need them to be boxed or packed up. Also figured out a way with two or three 2X4 pieces of wood.

LOL next time. Anyway it all worked out.

Hey, I got the fireball in the back on my Honda Fit. Mind you I was kissing the windshield on the drive home.
"Man's way to God is with beer in hand." - some Belgium monk
Yeah, but try doing that for 4+ hrs.
Did Melisa go?
"Man's way to God is with beer in hand." - some Belgium monk
From what I understand, she went to Newmarket. She wasn't at the tourney.

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