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Weekly DYP every Friday at Teamplay
Occasionally we will make this a shake and bake event (DYP and BYP):

As DYPs have been starting and ending very late:
- players must register before 9pm (either in person or by texting Jacky @ 647-999-2578 and receiving a confirmation text) and indicate when they are arriving
- it may not be possible to register after 9pm. If it IS possible, the player will need to pay double the entry fee (ie $10 instead of $5, or $20 instead of $10).
- winning teams must enter results in Netfoos immediately after the match. Matches must start within 5 minutes of being drawn (unless specifically discussed with DYP team)

Rules of Play:
- Rules generally follow the ITSF (International Table Soccer Federation) standards:
- 10 second limit on 5-bar, 15 seconds on others. No spinning or unsportsmanlike conduct.

Determining Table Selection and Ball/Side:
- Unless both teams agree to play on the same table, the first coin-toss will be used to determine which table is used first. The winner of the coin-toss chooses the table for Game 1, the loser chooses the table for Game 2. If game 3 is required, the first goal will be played on the 1st table. After this point, players will switch tables every 2 goals, with win by 2 to a maximum of 8 points.
- A second coin-toss determines ball/side. Winner can choose ball or side, and loser the other option. When a side is chosen by a player for 1 table, the other player can choose side on the other table. These side selections remain fixed for the duration of the match.
- The loser of Game 1 gets serve for Game 2, loser of Game 2 gets serve for Game 3.
- The loser of the first coin-toss will pay first, and then alternate afterwards.

Payouts (final results must be entered in Netfoos before payout):
- For DYP/BYPs with 9 teams or more, payouts will go to top 3 teams in approximately this ratio: 1st / 2nd / 3rd : 60% / 30% / 10%
- For DYP/BYPs with 5 teams or more, payouts will go to top 2 teams in approximately this ratio: 1st / 2nd : 70% / 30%
- For DYP/BYPs with 4 teams or less, the winner receives 100% of the payout

Uneven Numbers of Players for DYPs:
- When there are an uneven number of players, there will be a draw of names among players that are willing to play 1 vs 2. The winner of the draw will play by himself.
- When a team is playing a single player, they cannot choose Bonzini or Garlando.

Handicapping System (poker chip model):
- Teams considered by the DYP team to require a handicap will be given 1 or more chips
- Poker chips may be used when the team has possession of the ball, and can be ‘cashed in’ as a goal. Chips can be used to win a game, but not the match.

New Players and Female Players:
- 1st time participants to the DYP play with free entry
- Female players always receive free entry


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