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Ottawa Netfoos is back!
Just wanted to let everyone know that Ottawa will now be using Netfoos to enter all tournament results again. Lots of cities are using this website including Toronto who enters everything immediately after.

You need to register a username with them before you can begin to view stats. It's quick and easy as is maneuvering through the entire website! You can find us under the Locations tab. Over the next little while I will updating our stats by entering previous tournaments which were never entered, starting with our Open Doubles Points Race we had this past Friday. I will also be adding new players and current IFP points as I go along, sorry if you don't see your name or any points yet!

The website is

And I'll apologize in advance that there are some missing names when you look up players by winnings, they have been removed from Netfoos in the past which left a blank where ever they placed! Not sure if I can fix this problem at all?
Man, Netfoos seems to contain my worst finishes only... brutal.
Well we haven't used it in a while! We've missed a lot of stuff! If anyone happens to have any sheets hanging around from any DYP, Shake and Bake or whatever let me know or bring it to league so I can enter it.
Stats updated, just entered 5 DYPs from the past month and a half.

Will continue updating as Chris gives/finds me the sheets, more hopefully tomorrow at league!
At the very least we'll have the Points race events back from March for both OD and OS.

go nuts
"Man's way to God is with beer in hand." - some Belgium monk
Netfoos updated including last Friday's 2 DYPs.
2 more Wednesday DYPs added to Netfoos. Sorry for those of you who still have a Z
for a last name, still missing a bunch! Will update as I get them, Dan I thought you were
the expert?
I never was the greatest at information retention. Probably has something to do with my extracurriculars...

Elli's last name is Minty.
Last 2 Wed DYPS added to NetFoos

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