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Anywhere to Play in Mississauga?
Hey everybody:

Yes I am still alive. Yes I still play, just alone in my basement (very sad I know). I miss the days driving to Olavo's place to play in HIS basement. Nice to see you guys are still playing. Would have liked to have gone to this past tournament but had other commitments so couldn't make it.

Looking to see if anyone knows if there is anywhere to play slowball (Tornado, Fireball or any other acceptable table type) in the Mississauga/Brampton area near my work. I am at corner of Mississauga Rd and Derry. Have searched on the 'net but didn't really find anything current that I could trust. If anyone knows please shoot me a response thx.

Ralph L from Kitchener
OMG 47 views and no reply? Huh
Have you gone onto the toronto foos forum? This is Ottawa, majority of us don't know much about Sauga, I know Nhu Tran a pro player from Hamilton drives to toronto to play competitive foos because there is no scene closer for him.
Didn't know they had a new T.O. forum. I thought this was still the main one for the Toronto guys. I will look around and see if I can find it.
(16-Jul-2012, 03:22 PM)Ralph L Wrote: Didn't know they had a new T.O. forum. I thought this was still the main one for the Toronto guys. I will look around and see if I can find it.

Jester is jestering! We don't have a separate Toronto forum. We mostly stay in touch by email.

I can't think of any places near there - most of the guys that we have from Mississauga/Brampton come out to Markham to play. We play every Friday (and some Saturdays) at 146 Old Kennedy Road (Kennedy/Steeles) at a place called TeamPlay. It's got about 10 Fabi Tables, 2 Tornados, 2 Fireballs, 1 Bonzini, 1 Garlando, and 1 Roberto Sport. All slowball!
Rofl I just assumed players in Toronto with the level you play at and how often you play would have a website Tongue, my bad. Your all welcome on the OFA forum!
Well, it wasn't until recently that they even had a place to play other than Olavo's basement...
Hey, we're working on it alright!! Smile

We used to have but quickly found that most people were just using the link to get to these forums anyways... and we figured why have yet another separate discussion board when we could piggyback onto this one... the western boards have a good set-up where they can see each others posts.. this is just as good.

Though now that you mention it, perhaps Chris would consider renaming the board section "the ONTARIO Foosball Forum" ??

Ralph, hope to see you at Teamplay sometime soon.. see this link (and subscribe to Teamplay Club for notifications) for details of our DYPs and Monthly OD/OS events...
You guys have "Toronto Foos", That is all you get. Tongue

"Man's way to God is with beer in hand." - some Belgium monk

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