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June's National Points? July's?
I don't recall us having a singles and doubles event for June, I thought we had to have one per month. Do we have dates for July?
An update for you.

Toronto and Ottawa share the same region and we are allowed four Regional events per year. We each get two. These are the big events like our one day events and Toronto's recent Fireball events.

Otherwise our club is allowed to host monthly Singles and Doubles events. We have been splitting these up and having them on Friday nights (BYP instead of DYP) and a Singles night. The last set we ran had a very, very low turn out, 6 for singles. So we decided to hold off on things during the summer until things pick up again.

I am looking at doing something come September.

That being said, if you want to organize a big BYP one Friday night, OFA will chip in some cash.

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