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2-Bar Guide
From the foosballboard.

Quote:Understand the defense that is being given to you. Are they baiting you (giving you a hole and then taking it away based on your timing), racing you (moving on your move), zoning you (not moving unless sure their hole is not targeted), or other (Cartwright shuffle, random, etc.)?

Most likely they are zoning your shots and racing or baiting your passing options but be sure...

Are there holes they never or seldom cover? You can learn this from your shots, or from faking your shots (rolling the ball to a push setup and then right back to a pull setup). Actually fake a shot or two (big hitch) to see the reaction. Also, does it fall apart when you switch your setup, by an inch, by two inches, or by switching to a push setup? Does it break apart if you fake a lot or sit on the ball a long time?

Also: can you bank from this option and does that also break the zone? If the best pull shooter ever (Todd) passes a lot when he is playing goalie then learn from that. So, if you are being blocked a lot by the defense no matter what option that you try, then pass or maybe bank to break down the defense. Make sure that your passes look exactly like a shot as long as possible.

Is their 5 bar back or straight down or a little forward? Does that give you the option of shooting at it and getting a soft rebound to your partners 5 bar? Same for their 2 bar.

Do they trap clears well? If not, that can be an easy pass to your forward from a shot to the corner. Expect most solid teams to trap well.

Take what the defense gives you and make sure that you are not just doing whatever your favorite option is (e.g. a long spray pull). Make sure to vary your: timing, whether you spray or square, release point, your target hole AND trajectory as you are exploring the defense.

If you are getting intercepted or stuffed - adapt. I.E. vary: timing, release point, do a reverse, use faster lateral speed, pass or shoot outside the shooting V, pass or bank, etc. Once you are not getting intercepted or stuffed, then work on breaking the zone with a great pass or shot on goal.

If you find a hole exploit it until they are able to close it. Remember what worked for next time you play that team. If you know you are playing them in a future match study their defense ahead of time when another team is playing them.
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Quote:The power of this game is in 4 main principles:

1. Same set up and look every time - this will ensure that there are no tells, tendencies or giveaways. Opponents will always have to be on guard.

2. Be unraceable - every shot and pass should be close to unraceable with no takeoff (in a perfect world). This will ensure that your opponent must guess where to be. This comes with TONS of practice and reps.

3. Be able to hit multiple holes - If you are limited in what you can do, your opponent will cheat and cover what you can do.

4. Vary the timing. If your opponent knows when you're shooting, they have the edge. You need to take your time in order to time the pattern. Once you know when holes will be open, then you can shoot quickly. Mix it up...keep the opponents guessing.

I really like the wall set up, because to me, it offers the most options. You can milk the wall and lane pass to your opponents 3 bar to get the zone to change to shooting lanes. The same principles to this post can be used in any series, and other set ups.

The keys to this are:

You MUST have a good long that can go around the middle man of the opposing 3 bar. This will open up everything.

You MUST look down the table when shooting. You can't look down the table for a bit, and then back at the ball when you go to shoot. Things will probably change in an instant, and you need to be ready to pop off the shot/pass when you see it. You should be able to watch the holes in the zone just like you would watch the goalie defense when the ball is on your 3 row.

You MUST THINK. This is not a hit and hope guide. Each pass and shot opens up another. As you can see, there are always holes to hit no matter what the zone is.

You MUST pass now and then to open up things.

You MUST get in massive reps to understand how to break down the zone. It's more complicated than scoring with a 3 bar. Pick your set up, and do it EVERY SINGLE TIME. That's the only way you'll get the experience to break things down.

Master these, and your 2 bar will be control a match and be a force.

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great post though

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