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2013 Eastern Canada Points
I was talking to a couple of the Toronto boys at the Michigan tournament and we were discussing how to better integrate our two scenes in Ottawa and Toronto. Garret and I agreed that we should have an alternating system and I had an idea.

I think we should host between 6-12 events per year, with each city hosting half of the events and alternating. Ottawa hosts January, Toronto hosts March, Ottawa May, Toronto July, etc etc, thats assuming 6 events per year which I find reasonable, this once per month TSAC thing might be a little too much but its open to discussion. This way we have 2 solid communities to build off of and continualyimprove by seeing different styles.

It would also foster friendships in foos that would save alot of people money, for instance if we make it a one day event (probably Saturday) if people really wanted to they could go back home at the end, or they could stay at someones house from the host city. I would have no trouble putting up 2 Toronto players for a night or two and after a couple of these events friendships would foster and im sure almost everyone would have a place to stay for little to no cost unless your a degenerate.

To diversify things we could have the Ottawa tournaments on Tornado and the Toronto tournaments on Fireball (because Toronto has only 2 Tornados). This would broaden our skill set and better prepare Ontario players to make a run at worlds in France. This is just an idea but I don't see 2 Tornados cutting it for a provincial bi-monthly tournament and I really would prefer to stay away from the one Bonzini and the couple of Garlandos in Toronto because up here in Ottawa we don't have any of those to practice on so a multi-table event would favour the Torontonians. We have a Fireball in Ottawa which would allow us to properly prepare for a Fireball tournament.

Thoughts and ideas?
This can work, committment wise it should be minimal. We're talking about a 3.5 hour drive from Ottawa to Markham to get to their venue. 2 cars and 8 people going down all of a sudden we have a decent tournament (and quite frankly, do you get more than 8 people on a Friday/Saturday anyways)?

I can commit to driving down there for these. For the guys looking to come in from out of town, I have extra space available at my house, it's about 10 minutes from the bar so the location is ideal for making it out to TG.
I am okay with that. For Ottawa dates I would consider weekends in the following months since there is not league - March, June and September. If you do it closer to the end of the month it is a good lead up to league.

"Man's way to God is with beer in hand." - some Belgium monk
Looking for some feedback from Sean and Mario also. Post up boys.
Will add more later, but sounds good and we would want to keep the Toronto events multi-table as in France we need to play on ALL tables... if anything we'd like to add Leonhart table too to our events.
If we incorporate Montreal into the mix we could have a Bonzini element as well, that would ensure that were maintaining our level at Tornado but also preparing for Nantes by practicing on Bonzini and Fireball.
Fyi, as far as odds of playing on different tables goes for the team event in Nantes, I believe it's something like this:

Fireball (5 countries in our group)
Leonhart (5 countries)
Euro-Garlando (3 countries)
Bonzini & Roberto Sport (tied with 2)

Some of us (won't say who) are hoping we can avoid Bonzini altogether Wink
At least, until we get a decent Bonzini table to practice on...
Ok cool I didn't know the break down was like that but that makes sense. I favoured Leonhart as our next table at OFA in our general meeting we have once a year but the opposition to that table argued that of all the ITSF tables it is the most expensive to not only purchase but get delivered. From what I have seen from watching Leonhart its a beautiful table.
If you really want to foster the foos exchange, you should accept that we get to pick what table we play on in Ottawa, and they get to pick whatever they want in TO. Imagine if they said they wanted to play on our only fireball table when they come here. Sure, we'd be able to say that only 1 table not good for tourni etc, but if we had enough we still wouldn't be loving the idea. Here it's Tornado. Let them pick, and once we get tournis going we can gauge interest on playing on other tables. If the skill set at each city is too extreme, we could always suggest that teams be made with only one player from the host city.

Eventually, I want to be a threat on every table they have.

In case you haven't figured it out yet, I'm in for TO tourni's
Who are you^?

(11-Oct-2012, 10:18 AM)Jester Wrote: Who are you^?

So are you coming to Syracuse Steve? Get a beginner partner and come down.
I would like to get the ball rolling on this idea for 2013, now that IFP tour dates are released we can work out a schedule to avoid conflicts. I still am interested in bringing the Quebec guys into the fray but there hasn't been much participation from them with regards to forum discussion, I assume they are just unaware of this discussion. Could someone contact Biggie or Julian and ask if they can come on here and voice their opinion. I would ask them myself but don't have their cell #'s or either of them on FB.

Lets say theoretically we have 6 of these events, if Quebec is in the mix that means each city would host 2 events per year, very reasonable in my opinion logistically.

I think it would be a good idea to form a committee comprised of 2 members of each city (example Mario/Sean, Jesse/Chris, MathewB/Julian). This committee could organize and make decisions about these events, such as tables, times, dates, fees, prizes, points etc, instead of a free for all on a forum. Skype conference calls work very well for dealing with committees comprised of people in different areas.
12 events is definitely too much... actually, i think that 6 is kinda pushing it. In the end, i think you'll be well advised to have 4 events with good participation. I think once every 3 months is about as much as you can hope for right now. we've been through this for a few years now... gotta stay realistic.
4 Events works if there is 2 cities hosting, if there is three then the first three events could be one in each city and then hold a championship (eastern canada or something) as the 4th event in Ottawa because of its mid location to both toronto and mtl/quebec.

Still looking for Quebec foos participation in this discussion and some more input from the Toronto boys.

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