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2013 Maryland State Championships February 15-17 $12,000

Driving Distance = 870 km (one way)

Driving Time = 9 hours (one way)

*amateurs can play in open singles and open doubles for $10 each

Jesse Haw + Dan Packer
Casti Constantinescu + Mark French
Steve + Omar (Omar you better not drop out on Steve)
I might be interested, I can drive if we have enough interest (at least 2 including me).

Do you know on average what this tournament has historically drawn?
Its a great tourny, and this year its an IFP event too. 100-200 players prob
Ok, then i'm interested. Looks like it would make sense to arrive Friday night, I'm not very particular on the Open DYP.

Sunday is TBD whether anyone makes it top 16 of the open events. Could drive Friday, return sometime Sunday.

As soon as I hear confirmation from a few people I can book the time and commit to going.
This event requires Friday and Monday off.
I want to but will have to wait to commit when my final marks come in and I secure a job in January.

I'm hoping to not start until May, in which case I can be self-employed until then and will be able to make the tournament for sure.

Current Position: Up in the Air but WANT to go again. I want to circle back around and win Amateur Dubs where we won Beginner Dubs Big Grin

Not to mention my Birthday is Feb 16th! Winning'd be a killer present

last time I talked to Frank I had him interested in the idea, might have been the beer talking.

Jon? Merv? If any of you guys partner with Frank and convince him to go you've got a good team you can run
(24-Oct-2012, 12:43 PM)Jester Wrote:

Driving Distance = 870 km (one way)

Driving Time = 9 hours (one way)

*amateurs can play in open singles and open doubles for $10 each

I'd like to challenge that 9 hour driving time.

Can you update your OP with people who are confirmed. I am in for this event and willing to drive if I get at least 1 other person who wants to drive my car part of the way.

I think Dan/Jon are tentative leaning towards yes as well?
Keep in mind your registration (not package) is free because of the driving distance being > 500 miles.

Your package would be (for amateur):
$130 for ED ES AD AS
$20 OS OD

Your package would be (for expert):
$140 for ED ES OD OS

Pro doubles and singles playoffs are determined by qualification from the Open event who qualify, so this is a real cheap package for all amateur players.
I have done the drive, its 9 hours. We can't have the time modified due to a speeding GTI which breaks a # of different state and federal laws in the process of getting there Tongue.

The packages are dirt cheap, especially for an IFP event.

I can only confirm myself, though I think Packer is on reading week then and fully plans on going. You just have to get Jon to come now.
I'm not on reading week cuz I'll be done lol. But the Saturday is My birthday so it'd be damn great if we could get a bunch of people down there!!

I booked 14th - 18th for this. We can start the drive late Thursday or Friday morning.
I will be booking off the Friday and Monday.
No updates happening on the structure of that event -- it will stay exactly as is.

Anyone from Ottawa/TO going that needs a partner for this tournament? I'm looking for partners for amateur, expert, pro, open.

Only expecting to be competitive in am/ex
- Casti
I'm considering going.


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