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December drive from Ottawa
Feeler for if anyone's interested in driving down with me to play in the open event that should happen on 1st.

Can someone from TO confirm that it will happen on that Saturday?
Can someone respond
These events don't really appeal to me that much because im not at a point of enjoying tables other than fireball and tornado and everyone of their events are multitable to my knowledge.
I would go if Dan went. Get a partner to go with you Casti (maybe Jon) and the 4 of us can go down together. The multitable thing actually isn't that big of a deal after looking at their breakdown, we can still play at least half the games on Tornado. We could probably drive down saturday morning too and come back saturday night.
I let the GTA guys know you're askin about the next event.
Count me in


Alright we got 4 il convince Dan
I have exams boys and wont be able to go this time.

Fuck that man up.
So Dan can't go, so as of right now we have Casti, Steve and I. I think I might have convinced Vanh to come as well filling up the car.
Not much interest in going now that I have found out there will be no Open Singles and Doubles. There just practicing for Nantes.
Agreed, let's review in the new year about going down for a saturday open event.
- Casti
(20-Nov-2012, 03:44 PM)deliverance Wrote: Agreed, let's review in the new year about going down for a saturday open event.

Sounds good
Sounds good to me too, go down first weekend of Feb to get ready for Maryland.
Showdown at TP (insert western whistling here)
I didn't mean to discourage anyone from coming down. It's going to be a good foos weekend. There WILL be a TORNADO ONLY OD and OS event... it just won't have the team Canada members (Mario, Nhu, Biggie, Laurent and myself) as we'll be busy practicing on the other tables. You could actually see it as a 'no-pro' event on Tornado, which isn't necessarily a bad thing to have occasionally.


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