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Any foos tonight?
Apparently foos was cancelled at TG tonight and I am in the mood to play. Any chance anyone will go out to play at the Maison?
Were going to Dan Packers house, its right behind the Loblaws on Rideau. Feel free to join, should be 6+
Byron, I am probably able to play at La Maison. Will check the board later to see if anyone besides the two of us is interested. Will confirm later today if I can make it.
Come to Packers Vern.
Nah, you guys are practising for a serious tourny and I am only interested in pickup on Fridays. Maybe next time. Just want to play pickup. See yah all on Wednesday.
where exactly?
I will get Packer to PM you address.
ok will wait patiently
Send me the address as well..
(11-Jan-2013, 04:43 PM)Jester Wrote: I will get Packer to PM you address.

I don't jar, I have a medical condition that occurs during fast play and the spastic spurts are what cause me to "jar". I have a doctors note, forged by an Arab that says he's a doctor back home.
So I just moved in and literally had to put my shoes on and go outside to figure out my address lmao.

anytime after 7 is good just gotta put away the paint and reno stuff haha

All are welcome because I gotta break in the new neighbours!! Tongue
will try to make it out
Well that was a fun time out with a few people that showed. Thanks Packer for the hospitality and hope your neighbours weren't too miffed at you. Rockin' pad you have and sure there will be more of the same foos in the future.

Thanks for coming out Byron it was fun. Dan I dunno if you want your address on a public forum.
Ya thanks Byron for those mats! Much better stability now! And ya i removed the address Jesse. Thanks

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