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Photo Albums - Link Entries Only

1996-1997, 1997-1998, 1998-1999 Winter Leagues: 1996 - 1999 Early Winter Leagues

1998 to 2007 On the road: 1988 - 2007 Some On Tne Road

2000 Foosbrawl at Carleton University: Foosbrawl 2000


2000 to 2002 at Corner Pocket West League, DYP, Tournaments : 2000-2002 Corner Pocket West

2000's at Kanata, Cue n' Cushion, Tech League etc: Early 2000's

2004 Events at Marshy's: Playoff and Tower Sendoff and September DYPs and More DYPs & Bye Bye Marshy's

2004 and 2005 Portuguese Community Centre Tournaments: Portuguese Community Centre Tournaments

2004 11 27 Ontario Table Soccer Association Tournament: 2004 OTSA at Toronto

2005 06 Summerfoos at Marshy's: 2005 Summerfoos

2005 10 National Capital Foosball Championships at Zampub: 2005 National Capital Championships

2005-2007 A few photos of the weekly events at Zampub: 2005-2007 Zampub Various

2006 February - Canada Cup Tournament: 2006 Canada Cup

2007 10 Fall Foosball Classic at Zampub: 2007 Fall Classic

2008 03 Winter League DYP & Playoffs: 2008 End League Events

2008 09 27 - RCMP and Boys & Girls Clubs 9 Tables Event: RCMP Event

2008 September 13-14 Fall Classic International: 2008 Fall Classic

2008 12: Earliest Photos of OFA at TG: Late 2008 at TG

2009 03 04: League Night March 2009

2009 03 16 DYP at TG: 2009 03 DYP At TG

2009 03 18 End Winter League at TG: 2009 End Winter League

2009 04 18 National Archives Folk Fest/Community Cup: 2009 Folk Fest

2009 04 18 Vicky at TG Tournament: Vicky at TG Tournament

2009 06 28 Foos and Folklore: Foos and Folklore

2009 08 Calgary Qualifier: 2009 Calgary Qualifier

2009 10 PS3 Tournament: 2009 10 PS3 Tournament

2010 02 End Winter League Tournament: 2010 End Winter League

2010 02 26 Wii Tournament and DYP: 2010 02 Wii Tournament and DYP

2010 04 28 End Spring League Tournament: End 2010 Spring League

2013 03 Winter League Finals - Phase One: Phase One Playoffs Phase Two: Tier One Playoffs Finals & DYP

2013 04 Ottawa Foosball Championships: 2013 Ottawa Championships

2013 05 15 2013 05 15 Send Off For Mario: Mario Leaves for Edmonton

2013 09 21 CHEO Fund Raiser: 2013 09 21 Fundraiser

2013 December 13 - OFA Christmas Party: 2013 OFA Christmas Party

2014 02-03 Winter League Playoffs and Party: 2014 February-March End League

2014 09 26 PS4 New Players Tournament: 2014 09 26 PS4 Event

2015 03 04 End 20th Anniversary League: 20th Anniversary

[color=#FF0000](more links will be inserted as available)

see previous post, for a few reasons Google Photos on my account has become impossible to use

will gradually reload the foosball albums onto Google Drive, have started adding those links from the top

please let me know whether or not it works for you

Hello Gid, Why don't you come out some Wednesday and see the guys and gals... OFA.. I looked at some of the pics and then it said I need permission to view... Can you fix this so we can all see the photos...
Vern \
PS Come see us Gid...
thanks Vern oldish people can always be trusted...

could you let me know whether any (or both) of these "test links with share" below work? (they are for the same little album, on the list in the first post I had reloaded and changed links only for the first two)

2000 Foosbrawl at Carleton University:

Test One

Test Two

I don't show up at foosball because each evening after dinner I turn into a pumpkin

Gid , They both work for me now. Let me know when you are coming out to see the crew... Vern
We miss you Gid!!!

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
Gid, Cannot view the pics as posted . Says I do not have permission to view these pics.... Can you fix your permissions in settings....
it does seem Google (both Photos and Drive) is no longer suitable for my intended use -- why could they not leave things as they were, damned software that thinks it knows better

when I have again some time, energy, and inclination I'll be looking for alternative sites


you can always use, you can create an account through your google account and make albums that way.
- Casti
Thanks Casti, I also have a couple other places I was using years ago.

My troubles with Google started a few months ago, when I gave in to their insistence that I should be using their "autoback' for loading photos. I downloaded it intending to take a look but before I knew it was running wild on its on, in the background picking up anything on my computer that had a .jpg or any other imaging or video formats - that included scanned or screen shot of documents of financial and medical nature among other, and multiple version of photos, in duplicate, triplicate... best guess there were 30,000 to 50,000 images up there in the clouds, organized by dates that only a dog would have assigned, scrambled beyond hope, in some cases off by more than 100 years, probably having to do more with when images were first created, modified, loaded, or otherwise registered in the clouds rather than anything else.

Eventually I gave up on any scheme to deleting only the undesirable images, and painfully deleted all -- that was a lengthy procedure on its own. In the meantime the Google Photos screens changed, in particular the sorting options -- that I need to sequence photos properly -- disappeared and the sharing link (before you could just set albums to "public viewing") they now give you produces surprises, possibly one needs to provide links at the photo level? don't know and no longer care, in the mean time photos (and albums/folders in Google Drive) appear and disappear on their own, it's the wild west up there.

2-3 months ago I was quite happy with the Google Photos product. Now I'm just a cranky old man. [Image:]


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