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The Foosball Guide is Finally Released!
I have been working on The Foosball Guide for the last 18 months and today it is finally ready to be officially released at!

I have put a lot of hard work into creating The Foosball Guide. It represents thorough research of existing foosball resources together with my own experience of learning foosball. I have carefully crafted all explanations to be concise, easy to understand, and avoiding repetition. In The Foosball Guide I have put a heavy emphasis on clear 2 dimensional diagrams that I have drawn for all important concepts.

A lot of other resources have photos or 3 dimensional diagrams that are often confusing. In The Foosball Guide I stay away from formal tournament rules and psychology of play. I leave it to other existing resources.

Head over to and check out The Foosball Guide!
Good job on your book.
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