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[2014] Ottawa Foosball Tournament Committee
Alright so im glad we are getting an early start. Its November, starting this many months out will make the job much easier and allow us ample time to plan and promote.

So a fair amount of people have showed an interest in either helping out with the tournament or providing input on the tournament and this is great, the more the merrier. So I have created this thread to get us all on the same page.

We will use this thread for all future committee discussions and to plan committee meetings. We will also use it to set the agendas before we meet so people can show up prepared. Eventually different members will be allocated different responsibilities and so instead of having to meet up with the entire committee they will be able to meet within their smaller group and ensure objectives are being met and then we can use this thread to bring everyone up to speed.

There are 2 key improvements that I would like to see made for our tournament this coming year. The 1st is access to technology, with the help of Chris Adamantitis we should be able to bring a better experience to the players by having a few computers on hand to check on matches and charts. The 2nd is streaming/casting, if it is economically feasible I would like to get at least 1 table with a steady live stream all weekend with at least a half dozen matches being called play by play. (who does the play by play is an idea I will bring up at our first meeting)

Any ideas that you would like to see on the first meetings agenda post them up on here. I will keep a running list of active committee members on this thread. Remember being a committee members does not mean that you have to donate an entire weekend of your life to help run the tournament, if you don't have the time to be boots on the ground during the tournament thats fine, but we still would love your experience and ideas leading up to the tournament. You could still attend committee meetings and bring up ideas or help us tackle problems.

In addition we may schedule meetings online via skype or other online meeting systems.

Committee Members:
Jesse Haw
Dan Packer
Casti Constantinescu
Chris Adamantitis
Mary Whiting
Jessica Valenti
Jon Trudel
Chris Thomas
Taha Taha

Committee Meeting #1 - Wed Dec 4th 7:00-8:00 pm [complete]
- tournament date
- tournament payout goal/vision
- number of tables required
- tournament events
- registration fees (pushed to meeting #2)
- tournament technology (pushed to meeting #2)

Committee Meeting #2 - Fri Jan 31st 7:00-8:15 pm [complete]
- tournament events
- registration fees
- participation #'s breakdown, city distributions, etc
- tournament technology (pushed to meeting #3)
- tournament poster (pushed to meeting #3)
- live streaming and casting (pushed to meeting #3)

Committee Meeting #3 - Friday Feb 7th 7:00-9:00 pm
- sponsorship goals
- companies to approach for sponsorships
- marketing strategy
- tournament technology
- tournament poster
- live streaming and casting

Committee Meeting #4 - date not set, will be after Maryland State

Lets make this an awsome tournament!
On the technology side, the internet situation last time around was average at best -- several times I had to tether my cell phone because the internet we were getting from TG was either slow, or going down. As it stands today, we will not have the capacity necessary to offer a live stream service at a feature table by piggy backing on the consumer grade line that TG seems to have.

Rocket sticks or mobile internet options don't give us much bandwidth, and are in the range of $80 / month on contract for something that could accommodate up to say 8 hours of streaming at 480p (standard def TV channel quality).

Media coverage should also include Gid, he's a great photographer who captures the spirit of all our events.
- Casti
There are LTE routers that can go outside that will give is plenty of bandwidth and data

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Aren't LTE routers kinda expensive? Wouldn't we have to get a dataplan from one of the major cutthroats to do so?

On Wind, I get a peak of 6 mbps d/l, 3 mbps u/l. Currently a test showed 3 mbps d/l, 1.5 mbps u/l in Kanata.

3 mbps would be enough to stream 480p if there are no hiccups in connectivity. Hell, even 1.5 would work, but is cutting it pretty close.

Wind has unlimited data, but throttles after 6 GB are transferred. $25/mth for the data only plan.
I'm sure hotspots like this can be had on a rental basis. Or we could tie straight into the word network at tg if it's their wireless that's the issue.

I still say the days of rental wireless is probably available in budget.

In gonna go rewatch some breaking bad now

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Also I'm honored to be part of the committee of such esteemed company. I look forward to working closely with all of you.

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Also looking forward to working with everyone Smile

- Jessica Valenti
We are going to be having our first committee meeting before the Christmas party.

Any ideas? Should we do it before league at like 7? On a weekend somewhere other than Tail Gators? Skype online?

Let me know.
Sure that sounds fine with me.. I just need to plan it..
Alright so first meeting im gonna say is at 7:00 pm before league on Wednesday December 4th at Tail Gators.

Roll-Call: 8/8
Chris Thomas (partial)
Jesse Haw (confirmed)
Dan Packer (confirmed)
Casti Constantinescu
Chris Adamantitis (cannot attend)
Mary Whiting (confirmed)
Jessica Valenti (confirmed)
Jon Trudel (confirmed)

Anyone else want to join?

Committee Meeting #1 - Wed Dec 4th 7:00-8:00 pm
- tournament date
- tournament payout goal/vision
- number of tables required
- tournament events
- registration fees
- tournament technology
Ya I'd like to come out for that
I'll be there.

Sounds good!
I can't make it that early. I've spoken to most of you about OFA's ability and limitations.
I'll try and get there as soon as I can.
"Man's way to God is with beer in hand." - some Belgium monk
Just waiting on you Adamantities.

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