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Foosball Superbowl
Official Announcement of the SUPER Multi-Table FoosballQuebec BOWL Tournament in Québec from January 31 to february 2, 2014.

We are proud to officially announce the Multi-Table Foosball Tournament in Québec. The tournament will take place at Tapis Vert Ste-Foy the weekend of the Super Bowl XLVIII. This edition will be sanctioned by and the NFL. During the presentation of the Super Bowl we will offer you some pizza and chicken wing and you can see the match on a giant screen.

Tapis Vert Ste-Foy
2323 du Versant-Nord
Québec, QC
G1N 4P4
(418) 683-1587

Hôtel Universel Québec
2300 Chemin Sainte-Foy
Québec, QC G1V 1S5
(418) 653-5250

The ranking of each player will be determined by the organizing committee of the tournament and by FoosballQuebec. For more info about the rankings send an email to

• Open DYP* (All Players) Bonzini -- ( 2/3 , 2/3 )
• Open Doubles (All Players) Fireball -- ( 3/5 , 2/3 )
• No-Pro Doubles (All Players except the pro) Fireball -- ( 2/3 , 2/3 )
• Beginner Doubles (Beginner or lower) Fireball -- ( 2/3 , 2/3 )
• Multi-table Singles** (All Players) BFT-- ( 1/7, 2/3 )
• Team Event*** (All Players) Tornado -- ( 2/3 , 2/3 )

All events will be Double Elimination format (DKO) excluding the multi-table event.

Draw Your Partner. Teams will be created by random draw without any ranking used. Sunday DYP will depend of the participation.

the multi-table event will start with a round robin. Every games of the round robin will be a race to 7 and the table will be drawn. Everyone will play at least 5 games in the RR. The final round will be single elimination (2 out of 3) if they are more than 32 players. If less than 32 players, it will be a double knockout chart, but the looser side will end at third place. Every players have to determine a home table before the events and it will be use in the final round, not in the RR.

*** Team event
4 players per team and 1 pro player per team max. Before the begining of the events, each team have to choose in which order they will play
(1 to 4). #1 will start front, #2 will start goalie and every time the team score, the players have to move up. Ex: after the first score, player #2 go front, player #3 go play goalie and the player #1 get out of the table and it keeps going like that.

19h00...Registration Start
20h00...Friday Bonzini DYP

10h00..Door Open
11h00..Registration Continues
11h45…Opening Ceremonies
12h00..Multi-table Singles
14h00..Beginner Doubles Fireball
16h00..Open Doubles Fireball
17h30..Supper Break 30 min.
19h00..No-Pro Doubles Fireball

12h00...Team event Tornado
12h00...Sunday Bonzini DYP
18h00...Super Bowl

Pre-registrations and modifications can be done online on the website. Players will be able to do so until Thursday January 30, 2014 at 6pm, after that time it will not be possible to pre-register online. Any players not pre-registered will be able to register on site but there will be a $5 modification fee per event. Player’s registrations will be accepted with a delay of one hour prior to the start of the event. To pre-register, please send an email to with title Registration and indicating the event and the name of your partner or add your info on the post at this effect on the facebook event page.

4 Bonzini Tables, 3 Tornado Tables, and 6 Fireball Tables, all on free play.

10$ / events
add 5$/person / events if not preregistrated
If one player only play the DYP, it will cost him 10$ only.
-Package: To be able to buy a package you have to play open double and no-pro double with the same partner. Table fee are included in the package price.
-Beginner package: Friday DYP + open double + no-pro double + beginner double + multi-table single +team double = 60$, you save 30$
No-pro package: Friday DYP + open double + no-pro double + multi-table single + team double = 60$, you save 15$.
-Regular package: Friday DYP + open double + multi-table single + multi-table single + team double = 50$, you save 10$

Food and Drinks will be provided to you by the Tapis Vert.
FoosballQuebec Grips: $3/each or 2 for $5
Bonzini Handles: $20
Bonzini,Tornado,Garlando Balls: $3/each

5$ per person will be use to pay the tournament room fees.
15% to the friday DYP, 20% to multi-table single, 30% to open double, 15% to no-pro double, 5% to beginner double and 15% to team double.
Top 3 of each event will be pay, 45% for 1st, 30% for 2nd and 15% for 3rd.
10% of the entry fees will be give to to help develop the association and to pay the tables transport fees.
No smoking allowed in the game play area. It is forbidden to bring any alcoholic beverages. We will offer restaurant service on site and we strongly encourage players to use this service because it will help to finance our association. Players will be allowed to bring their own food and drinks but no outside delivery will be permitted. We thank you for your understanding.

Rules applied will the official ITSF rules. The complete version is available at

FoosballQuebec reserves the right to change any details about the events one week prior to the tournament. If any changes are made, they will be posted of the AQBB forum at

You need to be a member of AQBB to pre-register online. If you are not member you can sign up for free at

FoosballQuebec can deny any member to limited ranking events if they judge the player is higher ranked

To facilitate the gathering of information we ask that you send your comments or questions to only one person.

For Info:
Laurent Paquin-Marcotte
Cell: 418-955-1284
No Garlando events? Interesting... I'd go to this, but there's a chance I'll be in Maine when this happens.
I'm in Toronto that weekend.
- Casti

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