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Hey I figured since so many of us have jumped on this and the last order went well, I'd toss up a thread for placing orders and sharing reviews of the best flavours/products.

I'm placing an order for eJuice this week. Last time I made a big order it worked out well. Everyone got what they asked for and we got free shipping so saved some cash there. I like the quality of the product on this site so those of you who consider yourselves e-Juicers post up your orders on here and I'll put one in on Friday morning.

Here's the link to the site where you can pick what you want:

I need to know: Flavour, Bottle Size (10ml or 30ml), Strength (0-30), Quantity of bottles, and if you have a PG/VG preference (if not mentioned I'll assume 70%PG/30%VG which is recommended.

If you're thinking of a new Atomizer check this one out:

I got it last time and am really happy with it, going to grab another 1 or 2 for sure.

Gonna place that order Friday so text people who don't frequent the forum but you think would want in.



Did you place the order already?
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I think you missed out by about an hour.
As an aside, you should really check out this clearomizer too:

The t3s is awesome
- Casti
I got my order in.
I'm one of Packer's VIP clients. LOL
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