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Removing hand from handle distraction - Rule Dispute
Hey guys,

we were talking about a rule last time, removing the hands from the rods in singles and then after putting them back instantly passing on the five.

Here is the ITSF ruling on this:

20.4 It is considered a distraction, after
setting up a shot, to remove a hand from the handle and
then immediately shoot the ball. The ball may only be shot after both hands (and/or wrist) have
been on both handles for one full second.

20.4.1 In singles, rule 20.4 only applies to a set shot on the three
hahaaaa.... hilarious. I want to hear more!... who was the accused and who was the griever?

Rules are meant to be broken... mouahahahaha.
Yeah thats allowed in Singles.
I stand corrected. Thanks for this Ben

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