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New York State Foosball Championships [roll-call]
I told Westcott I was aiming for 10-12 Ottawa players making it for this tournament. No days off required as the drive to Albany is under 5 hours.

For those of you who haven't been to a tournament outside of Ottawa this is your best chance to go to a competitive foosball tournament. Cheap fees, close to home, this is your chance.

Don't be afraid to post up even if you can't go so we know where we stand. Things get much cheaper when we plan accordingly.

10 Players Confirmed
2 Spectators Confirmed

Jesse - confirmed
Casti - confirmed
Dan P - confirmed
Taha - confirmed
Vern - confirmed
Elli - confirmed
Mary - confirmed
Chris A - confirmed
Merv - confirmed
Ben - confirmed
Carm - coming to watch
Steve M - coming to watch

Kat - no go I assume? because of baby
Kevin -
Jason -
Chris T -
Frank -
Jon - not going
Mario P -
Sam -
Melissa -
Dan K - not going
Steve - interested

We will probably take my car down, but as soon as I am out of events I am travelling back with her, we'll grab whoever needs a ride back home at that time.
- Casti
(18-Feb-2015, 03:33 PM)Jester Wrote: Dan K -

After winter league, I'm going to take a long, long break away from foosball... So definitely a no go for me.
Sorry to hear, but marked.
It is early yet but I am pretty sure I will go... I think Carm and Steve M will attend but they will probably not play much... Me and Carm went for pizza on Friday and he is in but he really just wants to watch the pro masters and pros and enjoy the show and top players...
I like this tourney and I don't think we will have any trouble getting ten to twelve to go..
Cool thanks Vern, marked.
As my wife is due at the end of May at this point I think I have to say most likely no
Told you Jon! Tongue Marked.
Anyone hear any updates last night from people about the tournament?
So it's in Albany not Syracuse?

(19-Feb-2015, 05:57 PM)Jon Wrote: So it's in Albany not Syracuse?

Hmm...sounds like someone might still be interested!

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Yeah Albany.
I'm interested
There's an amateur package for 160$ that now includes os/od.

My belief is that I get to make fun of your beliefs. Please respect my belief.

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