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Table Soccer App - Better timing of shots
Hey folks,

just discovered an awesome app, which helps you a lot in training your timing on a shot or a pass.
You can set the setup time and the total available time for your shot individually as you want and it will randomly make a sound in these time settings.

If I had a table I would use it to time different holes for the snakeshot better, but you could also use it for passing or whatever you want Smile.

It's an android app and it's all pretty good explained in the link below!

#2 all I need is a mobile phone that was made after the year 2000 and I'm golden!

a home table wouldn't hurt either.... fack.

thanks Ben!
Years ago I wrote just such an application for the PC. I used to take my netbook down to the table and use it to practice. You could set up a 'shot setup' time which was always used, and then a 'shot time' and it did a random time between 0 and that number. You could also adjust the percentages of pull/middle/push or straight/middle/long for pull shooters.

Anyway it's good someone made an app. I'll download it.


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