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Austrian poutine attempt
Tried to make a poutine yesterday - I wanted to post a picture but it really didnt look pretty Big Grin

Didnt taste good either - damn Big Grin

Tomorrow I am going to my first Garlando tournament - not looking forward to it Sad!
Looks like you need to come back to Ottawa... For real poutine and Foos!!!

We miss you Ben!!!

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Post of the year right here!
- Casti
Dude, 2 things to know:

1. St Albert Cheese Curds - A necessity for a good poutine
2. St. Hubert's brown sauce - Don't use real gravy

This will always make a good Quebecois poutine.
Ben you really a Canadian at heart you know that... PM me your mailing address when you get a minute and I ill send you some stuff help with these Canadian projects...LOL . Vern

placed 3rd in Open Singles lost only to Kevin 6:4 in the fifth game and won the match for 3rd place Smile

Still hate the table Big Grin

PS: Thanks Vern I sent you my emailadress!
Good job Ben! I'm sure your game is more well rounded than his. You'll be beating him soon.

My belief is that I get to make fun of your beliefs. Please respect my belief.
Shit Ben, that's a solid result for your first tournament back.
- Casti
Well done Ben you're an animal! Miss playing against you
Congrats Ben! You rock!

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Way to go man..fucking awesome
Congrats Ben! You better keep those skill up cuz I'm coming for you the first chance a flight ticket to Austria lands on my lap! haha
that's a nice shirt, buddy... don't think i didn't notice... Wink

p.s. it's really satisfying to hear someone like you, who has played on the table for a while, say that the garlando is shit... because it is.
Omg I didn't even notice the shirt! Love it!!!

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Thanks guys, yeah the shirt helped a lot Smile))
@Dan yeah that would be awesome, I hope that happens sooner or later Smile!!

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