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Ottawa Tournament in Nov
To continue our discussions from Wednesday, if we are to host the Nationals and use both Bonzinni and Tornado, what format should we implement?

This is based on 40-50 players.

Here is my thoughts.
Saturday - Singles.
Registration at 11:00 start at 12:00.
Sorting round. I would like to use the swiss tournament format. The challenge is the number of tables. Here is my suggestion for the sorting round. Two games (either to five or seven) start on Tornado and then on Bonzinni. This would allow us to keep all the tables busy. (Very important). Players rated on wins/losses and goals +/-. Figure 20 min/match which would give you 30 matches/hour, which is 1.2 to 1.5 matches per player per hour. Run for 6 hours that would give you 7 to 9 rounds.

Elimination round: Single Elimination. Matches alternate tables with last game alternating every two goals. This ties up two tables per match (not very efficient).
Top 8 - Open Playoffs, 3/5 - 4 Rounds. Every hour on the hour. Start at 6:00, Finals at 10:00.
next 16 - Expert Playoffs 2/3 - 5 Rounds - 15 matches,
remaining - Amateur Playoffs. 2/3 - 5/6 rounds - 15 matches.
You would alternate rounds of the expert and amateur as tables are available.

Rinse and repeat for Doubles on Sunday.
This should take less time as there are less matches.
"Man's way to God is with beer in hand." - some Belgium monk
That looks good Chris, the first thing we need to do is to figure out a date. Is it possible for you to reach out to Tailgators and see which dates are still available? Then we can look at which competing tournaments exist in November so that we can choose a weekend that doesn't conflict with other tournaments and will attract the greatest number of participants.
I can talk with Morgan.
I'm in Japan for October so I would suggest early Nov so we don't conflict with Christmas parties at TG.
"Man's way to God is with beer in hand." - some Belgium monk
There was a TSAC meeting on Monday that I couldn't attend and apparently they have voted on something to do with this tournament. I will get back to you once I figure it out, but I've inquired and am waiting to get all the details.
I think if we talk to the Quebec and Toronto players and figured out a weekend beforehand, we can do a 1-day tournament in November like Albany. DYP, OS and OD all in 1 day. 12pm DYP. OS 2pm. OD 4pm.

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