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Foosball history
I must say, I find it fascinating that we can't pinpoint at one person and say: „Yup he is the one who invented foosball!“ I like the fact that we have 3 persons we can connect to the foosball development and that all three persons are from different countries, which means that they had the same idea in their minds.

My favorite story is about Alejandro Finisterre. He was injured during the Spanish Civil war in 1936 and during his recovery, he was near rooms with small boys who had severe leg injuries. Since he didn't have much to do, he started thinking about them and the fact that they won't be able to play this beautiful game so, he made a table version of football. I love the fact that the foosball was born from the need to give someone a chance to experience football in a different way.

The second „Father of foosball“ would be the French engineer Lucien Rosengart. Around 1930's he came to the idea of foosball table because of his grandchildren. During winter, they couldn't go out and play and we all know how kids act when they are bored. So, to keep them occupied, Lucien made a foosball table. The pretty innovative solution, right?

The third foosball maker has nothing to do with the kids, he was simply a fierce football fan from the UK. Harold Searles Thornton made the first foosball table patent and he made it as a tribute to his favorite club Tottenham Hotspurs. You can even check out his patent on the European Patent Office website which is great!

Every story is somehow connected to the love for the game and that is why foosball table is so popular these days. It will connect old and young, rookies and professionals. Isn't that great? Big Grin
Yeah its cool.

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