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2018/2019 League Ideas
Hi All,

There was a discussion last week that Jesse, Jon, and I had, as well as they had previously spoken with Taha on regarding splitting up the teams for future leagues in such a way that we don't create scenarios where the league winners have been mathematically determined on week 1.

A few ideas were thrown around, one of them being a pool league system where each team has a maximum number of "player points" that they can submit to their team based on tiers,

so Top Tier 1 players would be like:
- Taha, Jon, Jesse, Khalid --- 5-7 points

Next Tier:
- Casti, Chris T, Chris A, Vern, JP, Frank, etc. --- 3-4 pts

Next Tier
- ???? -- 1-2 pts

and so on, with the idea that say your top guys are given a point value where there can't be any two together on the one team or they have no points remaining or very little points remaining to round-off their team of 3 required players.

Someone would have to do the math to figure out best way to make it competitive, but at the very least the top tier 1 players I know are unofficially making a pact to not play winter leagues together anymore, but this is also a great opportunity for OFA to have a more formalized mentorship program where we can start training and exposing the T2/T3 players to the top competition.

So how about it? Max player points leagues?
- Casti
This is a salary cap system. We have done this in the past when first trying to eliminate handicaps. The idea being that a team could not exceed 15 points in your system. So a Jesse and Jon would have to pick up a tier 3 player as their third. Three tier 2 players would be okay.

Something interesting to try for the spring league.

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