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Wraps Ordered
I have ordered 1000 wraps a couple weeks ago. Should arrive soon.
Sorry for the unavailability. I thought I had spare inventory but I don't.

"Man's way to God is with beer in hand." - some Belgium monk

How about balls? I think new balls every winter league isn’t enough, they’re already pretty bad!
It's $500+ each time I order balls. We could try washing them to bring back some life. ideally i need to buy a dryer and make a tumbler.
"Man's way to God is with beer in hand." - some Belgium monk
The problem is they get played on so much outside of league as well that they are worn down in a couple of weeks. Any chance of swapping them out just for league? I know this takes some time and effort and I am totally willing to help or take this task on myself! Just throwing that out there
What you could do is collect looney fees at the start of the night per team, and put the tables on free play with 2 balls per table during league nights, requires a bit of setup before-hand but you can get a lot more length out of new ones versus putting 10+ in each table.
- Casti
That would be great! I think it’s doable for sure.

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