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Ottawa Open - June 22-23
Hello Players:

OFA is proud to announce the Ottawa Open Tournament June 22-23 2018.

There will be a DYP the Friday night followed by singles and doubles on the Saturday. The tournament posters can be found attached.

"Wait, What? Didn't you already announce a tournament that weekend?"

Yes we did. Unfortunately, we are not getting the response we were hoping from the international junior teams. This means we are scaling back the adult tournament. We will work with TSAC to try and host the National Championship in the fall. Stay tuned.

So we are running this one day event to make sure that Toronto has a chance to reclaim the throne that Ottawa has so decisively won the last two tournaments.

Flyers attached.

Chris, Chris, and Fred.

PS - we might still try to do some junior events at the tournament depending on interest.

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Wait, Ottawa won something recently? I'm having trouble remember.... ;(

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