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Foos Tourney
When oh when is the next tournament? Looking for a bit of schedule doesn't allow me to play on Wednesdays
Hi Byron, If you cant make Wed you are most out of luck. The only option is to pick another day that suits you and make you own foos night. Invite all your foos pals and make an evening of it. I miss Friday night foos . I would attend on any extra night as I have nothing else to do. lol. Perhaps if you put the pressure on CT we could do a Friday. Those machines need loonies.
Maybe this is a good time to start talking about hosting?
I got coin in the bank for 2 tables. That will get us to 7 for the weekend.
"Man's way to God is with beer in hand." - some Belgium monk
Let me know before ordering, I plan on picking one up aswell.

(05-Feb-2019, 09:18 PM)5barwarrior Wrote: I got coin in the bank for 2 tables. That will get us to 7 for the weekend.
Sounds like a plan, I will be free this Friday
Sorry man I cant make it this Friday. I suggest you pick a date and make a post and see what kind of response you get. Give everybody some time to fit this in to their schedule. I was thinking we might try something like one Friday night a month to see how it goes. We could start off by running a DYP of some sort. One Friday a month would be a nice start. V
Sounds good, I work every second weekend (shiftwork) so i will post in advance for the next time

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