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OFA Players Council, Top 8 Leaderboard, Rankings
Hello all,

This post will outline a couple new policies that will be implemented at OFA to add an extra layer of fun and incentive for all foosers. This is a work in process, so don't get your back up about things you think should have been included or points you disagree with, things will be ironed out over time.

The post will be broken down into the following sub-sections:

1) Purpose
2) Ranking System
3) OFA Player Council
4) Pro Players
5) Ladder System
6) Rewards
7) Conclusions

1) Purpose
The entire point of this post and the idea I general is to generate more energy at foosball in order to sustain our player base by keeping players at all skill levels engaged and having fun.

2) Ranking System
We will implement a 3 tier ranking system consisting of Amateur, Expert and Pro. Amateur will consist of new & inexperienced players, this will likely be the bottom 10-20% of our player base. Expert will be around 60% of our player base and will represent the core of our player base. Pro will consist of the top 8 singles players and top 8 doubles players.

Ranking Rules
- once a player has been promoted to Expert they can never become an Amateur again
- Pros can lose their spot in the top 8 and drop to Expert
- only Expert players can challenge the 7th & 8th ranked Pros on the ladder
- there can never be more than 8 players ranked Pro in Singles and Doubles
- players being promoted from Am to Ex or Ex to Pro will receive their promotion according to the guidelines set out in Section 6) Rewards
- any disputes regarding rank, challenges or any other player to player dispute will be resolved by the OFA Player Council by majority vote (5/8 or 4/7)

3) OFA Players Council
The purpose of the players council is to manage this ranking system, support the OFA President and help with tournament logistics. The sitting OFA President cannot be a member of the players council.

The founding members of the council are:
Chris Adamantitis
Ahmed Taha
Merv Buske
Khalid Fares
Jesse Haw
Marc Rainville
Vern Rose
Jon Trudel

Council Rules
- if a member of the council wishes to step down they must nominate their replacement and the remaining council members vote to approve
- if a council member is to be involuntarily removed and replaced the remaining seven council members must unanimously agree on the removal and replacement
- council members must meet ALL the following requirements; 1) Be ranked Expert or above. 2) Have been an active OFA member for at least 2 years. 3) Participate at least twice per month at foos.
- if a player satisfies all the requirements to be a council member and makes a request to become a member of the council, the council decides by majority (5/8) if the request is viable and then decides by consultation & vote which member to replace
- the council processes, votes on and certifies all challenge requests and ladder ranking adjustments

4) Pro Players
The original top 8 singles and top 8 doubles players will be decided by Council vote. Once the original top 8 are established for both singles and doubles the singles will be subject to the ladder rules below, but the doubles ranking will always be decided by council via consultation and vote. The doubles ranking will be updated every 3-6 months.

5) Ladder System
All OFA members who are ranked Expert or Pro are entitled to one challenge per month. The purpose of this challenge is to move up the ranks as a player. All Expert players can challenge the Pros who are ranked 7th or 8th in singles to a best 2/3 singles match. If the Expert player is successful with their challenge, the Pro player is automatically demoted to Expert and the challenging Expert takes their 7th or 8th position on the leader board.

The maximum number of times the 7th and 8th ranked Pro players are required to defend their position to Experts is twice per month (if an Expert player won a successful challenge to become the 7th or 8th ranked player this month, they are immune from being challenged by Experts for the remainder of the month and cannot issue any further challenges themselves for the remainder of the month). If the 7th & 8th ranked players are challenged more than their maximum twice per month defending requirement, the council will vote on which challenge takes priority. In the event an Expert players challenge is not accepted by the council their following months challenge is automatically accepted.

Pro players may challenge another Pro player up to two ranks above their current rank to a 3/5 singles match. The maximum number of times Pro player must defend their position another Pro player is once per month. If the challenger wins they take the challenged players rank and that player drops one rank down, bumping the player below them into the rank previously occupied by the challenger.

All Pro player challenges take precedent over Expert to Pro player challenges and must be resolved first. For example, if the 7th ranked Pro singles player challenges the 5th ranked Pro singles player and it has yet to be played, no Expert challenges can be issued to the 7th ranked player. As a result, all challenges must be resolved within 7 days. A 7 day extension of a challenge may be granted by council in special circumstances.

This entire Ladder Challenge System section applies only to the singles Pro ranking, not the doubles Pro ranking. The doubles Pro ranking is decided by vote & consultation by the council every 3-6 months.

6) Rewards
Council will meet bi-annually before the start of Winter League and half-way through Spring League and vote on promoting Amateur players into Experts. Becoming an OFA Expert is an achievement and should be rewarded, so at the promotion ceremony all new Experts will be given an OFA gift (we are figuring out what it will be, top candidates are OFA jersey or and OFA coin). This will become a tradition, and players will take pride in getting promoted, knowing it was earned, and will feel like welcome members of the family. Our goal at OFA should be to make every new player an official OFA Expert.

For Pro players your reward is being on display at all times in the top 8 players in the city leaderboard on the wall above our trophy cabinet at Tail Gators. OFA will purchase a display that looks like the image below.

7) Conclusion
The original council has already met, voted and decided on the players who will be ranked 1-8 in both the singles and doubles ranking. They have also decided who is already ranked Expert, who is Amateur and also who will be promoted from Amateur to Expert. The announcement will be made this week at league.


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This is amazing work. Very good of Jesse to take this on and stimulate growth and interest in OFA. I am looking so forward to following the action and I think this will promote a lot of local interest and improve our skill and player base. We are indeed blessed with a great local foos scene. Congrats to Jesse and Chris A and Chris T and all the other drivers of great ideas. Ottawa foosers are some of the most caring and fun people I have met in my years of travel. What a great group.
We can set up a Byp on a Friday to help set the initial positions and run one regularly once a month to challenge.
"Man's way to God is with beer in hand." - some Belgium monk
Just to provide everyone with an update on this, we are going to take a bit of a break from implementing these changes as we have a few things to address before it can be fully implemented, over the next few weeks the following will be done:

1) Marc has agreed to sponsor and purchase the leaderboard to go above the trophy case, everyone thank Marc when you see him next.
2) The Council will establish who is in the Amateur pool and who is in the Expert pool.
3) The reward for becoming an expert will be an OFA coin, so we need to get those ordered.
4) We will discuss the most efficient way to logistically handle the challenge process, because right now is a mixed bag of WhatsApp, Facebook, texts and in person discussions.

This means these changes will likely be implemented December 1st or January 1st. We will keep everyone posted.

Good luck tonight at league.
This is one of the good ideas that has surfaced to bring some interest and vigour to our local scene . It is now getting pretty complicated with way too many rules and procedures. I say simple is better. Establish the pros and let the challenges and fun begin. I like the idea of not disrupting league night too much and maybe have a night once a month or so for formal challenge night DYP ect. Other than that let the challenger and the pro work it out. If they play before or after league no biggie. Allow the pro the option of accepting when the challenge game occurs as it is their game on the line. Other than that I like simple is better.
I think that any player should be able to challenge any pro on the bottom two thirds of the list. The top players deserve a little protection but not much because this is local and for fun and bragging rights. Put your game on the line or go home. If you want to be known as top dog put your game on the line like a top dog has to. There is always young talent coming up to take your place. Fact of life.

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