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Playoff Format and league standings.

Team Rankings:
The teams are ranked in the tiers by the following rules.
1) Within the tier. Transitioning teams move to fixed positions.
2) League Points.

So for example of tier 1, IGYSRH is a transitioning team into tier 1 and automatically takes spot 4. The other three teams are ranked by league standings.

Playoff Format:
Week 1) Challenge Round - All teams advance!
This round allows for teams to challenge up a tier and remove the prejudice of being on the cusp of two tiers.
Tier 1 #1 and #2 teams (The Boys and Kicking it Old School) as well as Tier 3 #3 team (Black Mambas) get a bye this week. We will run a last man standing or Monster DYP for you guys to enjoy.

Week 1 Match Up:
Winners play in Tier 1 for elimination rounds, losers play in tier 2
Foos Your Daddy vs. Snake for Days.
IGYSRH vs. Three Goalies

Winners play in Tier 2 for eleminiation rounds, losers play in tier 3
Two Cocks and a Hen vs. Ivana Dink
False Start vs. Young Guns

Week 2 - Party and Elimination Round 1
Week 3 - Finals

I'll count out the money and figure the prizes later today.


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"Man's way to God is with beer in hand." - some Belgium monk
Hello all.

I have run the numbers and here are the payouts for the league. We have collected $1840 (with a little more to come).
$240 goes to the league champion.
$900 for tier 1 playoffs ($600,$300)
$450 for tier 2 ($300,$150)
$240 for tier 3 ($180,$60)

The remainder of funds ($10 + ?) will contribute to the party. This is less than most years ($200) but OFA will pick up the slack and ensure we have the same good spread as usual.

Happy Foosing.
"Man's way to God is with beer in hand." - some Belgium monk

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