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Official Announcement Quebec Bonzini Tournament Nov 13-15th
Official announcement of Quebec major Bonzini tournament November 13 to the 15


It is a delight to officially announce the last AQBB tournament for 2009.This tournament will be held in Quebec City and will be played on brand new Bonzini tables. This event will start Friday November 13 and will end Sunday November 15. This last edition will be held at the Pub X (Hotel Universel bar) and will be sanctioned by Foosball Quebec and the Quebec Association of Bonzini Baby-foot.


Le Pub X
2300 chemin Ste-Foy, Québec
telephone: 418.658.7829


L'Hôtel Universel is happy to be the host of this table soccer tournament on the Bonzini table and offers you its discount for 69$ plus taxes per night. This includes a room for two with two queen beds. This gives you access to the pool, the three spas, two saunas, the massotherapy center, the fitness center and all services in the freshly renovated hotel. However, you will have to book your room at least 2 weeks prior of the tournament and you must mention that this is for the table soccer tournament. Here are their contact informations:

2300, chemin Sainte-Foy, Québec, Québec G1V 1S5


Amateur 0-750
Amateur Elite 751-1000
Expert 1001-1250
Expert Elite 1251-1500
Pro 1501-1750
Pro Elite 1751-2000
Pro Master 2000+


• Open Singles and Doubles (Open to everyone) -- ( 3/5 , 2/3 )
• Expert Singles and Doubles (1000 à 1501) -- ( 2/3 , 2/3 )
• Amateur Singles and Doubles (0 à 1001) -- ( 2/3 , 1/7 )
• Woman Singles -- ( 2/3 , 1/7 )
• Pro-Am * (Open to everyone) -- ( 2/3 , 2/3 )
• Mixte Doubles (Open to everyone) -- ( 2/3 , 2/3 )
• DYP Doubles** (Open to everyone) -- ( 2/3 , 1/7 )
• Super Singles *** (Open to everyone) -- (3/5)

All events will be Double Knock-Out (DKO), with 2/3 of 5 points in the winner side and 2/3 of 5 points in the loser bracket.
EXCEPTION: Open Singles and Open Doubles will be 3/5 of 5 points in the winner bracket and 2/3 of 5 points in the loser bracket. Women singles and Amateur events will be Double Knock-Out (DKO), with 2/3 of 5 points in the winner side and a race to 7 in the loser bracket.

A Pro Elite or a Pro Master can only play with an Amateur.
A Pro can only play with an Amateur or an Amateur Elite.
An Expert Elite can only play with the following Expert, Amateur Elite or Amateur.

** DYP = Draw your partner. Teams will draw without considering player rankings.

*** The Super Singles event will be a special event played Sunday only if there is a good participation and the other events are running well.


Friday November 13
19h... Signing up to events
20h... DYP Doubles
Saturday November 14
10h00.. Registration starts
10h15..Opening ceremony
11h00..Pro-Am Doubles
12h00..Open Doubles
13h00..Open Singles
............Expert Doubles
14h00..Mixed Doubles
15h00..Expert Singles
............Woman Singles
22h45..Last match called

Sunday November 15
10h00....Events continue
10h15....Forfeit on matches called
12h00..Amateur Singles
............Amateur Doubles
............Super Singles


It is possible to pre-register and make modifications to a registration by Internet .The pre-registration will be closed on November 11th. After that date, it will be impossible for you to pre-register for any events. It will be possible to register or make modifications on tournament site for the cost of 5 $.

Pre-registration by Internet will start on September 27th 2009.

At the following web site:


A minimum of 8 brand new Bonzini B90 tables will be used for all the events



The cost of participation (in CAD $) depends of the rating of each players.
Amateur 0-750
Amateur Elite 751-1000
Expert 1001-1250
Expert Elite 1251-1500
Pro 1501-1750
Pro Elite 1751-2000
Master 2000+

• Every player will have to bring their own ball for each match. It will be possible to by a ball for 3$.


It will be possible to buy table soccer articles on site.
Long handle: 20$
Standard handles: 15$
ITSF b-ball: 3$/each
T-shirt and Polo (FoosballQuebec): 20$/25$



NB: We guarantee the cash prizes only if there is a participation of 60 players, otherwise the cash prizes will be re-evaluated in function of the number of participants.

We will also give cash prizes to the best placed Amateur and the best placed Expert in Open Single
1st Amateur : 20$
1st Expert: 30$

90% of the registration fees, except table fees, will be given out to the top 3 players of each event. 10% will be used to finance the A.Q.B.B.
Table fees will cost 5$ by event for a maximum of 4 events for total of 20$.


It will be prohibited to smoke inside the tournament place. It will also be forbidden to bring your own beverage (water, cola, redbull and alcool), because they will be sold on site. We will offer a food service on site, we encourage you use this service because it is used to finance YOUR association! We will allow you to bring your own food, but it will not be possible to have delivery on site. Thank you for your comprehension.


The ITSF rules will be used for each event. You can find all the rules on the following website:


• The A.Q.B.B. has the right to change certain details 1 week prior to the tournament. If changes should occur, they would be announced on the forum of ore web site in the section “Prochain tournoi”.
• You must be a member of the A.Q.B.B to pre-register on our web site. To become a free member of the A.Q.B.B you must fill the registration form at the following address:
• A.Q.B.B has the right to give a new rating to a player with a much higher skill level compared to players of his category.


Marc Gilbert
Daniel James-Vigeant
Laurent Paquin-Marcotte

To contact us, use the following email :

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