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Bonzini Tournament in Trois-Rivières November 18th to November 20th 2011
PROVINCIAL BONZINI FOOSBALL TOURNAMENT in Trois-Rivières November 18th to November 20th 2011

We are proud to officially announce the Bonzini Provincial Tournament. This event will start Friday November 18th and will end Sunday November 20th 2011. This tournament, sanctioned by AQBB and Foosball Quebec, will take place at l'Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières.

• Open Singles and Doubles (open to everyone) -- (3/5,2/3)
• Expert Singles and Doubles (0 to 1500) -- (2/3,2/3)
• Amateur Singles and Doubles (0 to 1000) -- (2/3,1/7)
• Women Singles -- (2/3,1/7)
• Beginner Doubles * (0 to 1000)-- (2/3,1/7)
• Pro-Am ** (open to everyone) -- (2/3,2/3)
• Open Mixed *** (open to everyone) -- (2/3,2/3)
• DYP**** (open to everyone) -- (2/3,2/3)
• Goalie War ***** (open to everyone) -- (1/7)

All events will be Double Knock-Out (DKO), with 2/3 of 5 points in the winner side and 2/3 of 5 points in the loser bracket.

EXCEPTION: Open Singles and Open Doubles will be 3/5 of 5 points in the winner bracket and 2/3 of 5 points in the loser bracket. Women singles, Beginner and Amateur events will be Double Knock-Out (DKO), with 2/3 of 5 points in the winner side and a race to 7 in the loser bracket.

* Beginner Doubles :
• Being amateur (including amateur elite)
• Never had finished 3rd or better in an amateur, expert or open event
Tournament management team has the right to give a new rating to a player with a much higher skill level compared to players of his category.

** Pro-Am :
A Pro Elite or a Pro Master can only play with an Amateur.
A Pro can only play with an Amateur or an Amateur Elite.
An Expert Elite can only play with the following Expert, Amateur Elite or Amateur.

*** Open Mixed :
This event will not count to the official ranking.

**** DYP = Draw your partner. Teams will drawn without considering player rankings.

***** Goalie War is a race to 7 in both sides of the bracket. Prize money will be 80$ for 1st place, 50$ for 2nd place and 25$ for 3rd place. Rest of the profits will be donated to the AQBB to cover expenses.


We will also give cash prizes to the best placed Amateur and the best placed Expert in Open Single who have not finished 6th or better.
1st Amateur : 20$
1st Expert: 30$

Please note that if an event has only 3 teams or less, the cash prize will be awarded to first place only. Between 3 and 6 teams, to the 2 first places.

Friday November 18th
18H Signing up to events
23H Last match called (If necessary, the DYP will be finished the following day)

Saturday November 19th
9H30 Registration starts
11H Pro-Am / Beginner Doubles / Women Singles / Open Singles
13H Open Doubles / Expert Singles
14H Expert Doubles / Goalie War
19H Open Mixed
23H Last match called (it could finish later depending on the tournament progress)

Sunday November 20th
10H Events continue
11H Amateur Doubles
12H Amateur Singles / Last chance DYP

It is possible to pre-register and make modifications on a registration by Internet. The pre-registration will be closed on November 16th at 20h. After that date, it will be impossible for you to pre-register for any events. It will be possible to register or make modifications on tournament site until 1 hour prior the an event start for the cost of 5$.

Pre-registration website :

11 ITSF B90 Bonzini tables on free play

Amateur 0-750
Amateur Elite 751-1000
Expert 1001-1250
Expert Elite 1251-1500
Pro 1501-1750
Pro Elite 1751-2000
Pro Master 2000+

• Beginner singles and doubles are 5$ for each event.
• DYP is 10$ for everyone.
• Goalie war is 10$ for everyone.
• Tables fees are 5$ by event for a maximum of 4 events for a total of 20$. There's no table fees if someone want to play only one event in Beginner, Amateur or Mixed.
• Every player will have to bring is own ball for each match. It will be possible to buy a ball for 3$.

There will be a bar which will offer beer, alcoholic drinks, enery drinks and water at low price. You can bring you own food in the room. You can also deliver food to the room.

It is forbidden to bring you own energy drinks and alcoholic drinks in the tournament room.

The ITSF rules will be used for each event. You can find all the rules on the following website:

• The A.Q.B.B. has the right to change certain details 1 week prior to the tournament. If changes should occur, they would be announced on the forum of ore web site in the section "Forum / Tournoi Majeur Bonzini".
• You must be a member of the A.Q.B.B to pre-register on our web site. To become a free member of the A.Q.B.B you must fill the registration form at the following address:
• A.Q.B.B has the right to give a new rating to a player with a much higher skill level compared to players of his category.

3351 Boul. des Forges
Trois-Rivières, Qc
G9A 5H7

Days inn
3155, Boulevard Saint-Jean
G9B 2M4
Tel: (819) 377-4444 (819) 377-4444

Room with 2 Queen beds: 99$ + tx (including the continental breakfast and Internet)
You must specify that the room block has been booked by Julie Mathews.
To take advantage of this rate, you must book your room before November 10th.

Julie Mathews

Julie Mathews
Julien Duchesneau
Laurent Paquin-Marcotte

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