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Goalie 101
These are in priority order
1. Stop Slop – Foosball Goalie Play 101, stop slop…it is much harder than it sounds but the value of stopping slop can not be overestimated.

2. Trap Balls that enter your area - every ball that enters your area and you do not let go back out is a possession for your team and of course limits a possession for the other is a game of possessions

3. Clear the 5 bar...prefer ball is on goal but that is secondary – clear the 5 and good things will happen...NEVER worry about scoring, if you clear the 5, you will provide possession opportunities for your team and eventually you will score but don't think about scoring, it isn't your responsibility, it will come in keep clearing the 5 and in time, the other team will make a mistake because sooner or later, they will be out of position.
Still, not important to score, if it comes, it is pure gravy.
Most important clear the 3, then learn to clear the 5, then learn to put the ball on goal, then learn to hit specific places on goal, then learn to set up specific shots, and last score.

4. Zone Defense
– Based on Fooser’s Rules, “zones to percentages to tendencies to specifics” this is a progression both in what to learn first as you learn the game but also this is how to approach a shooter you have never faced - you start with zones and move to percentages, etc - each as you can. Zones are the first way to make the goal as small for you to block as possible.
a. Have a zone with your forward against opposing goalie
b. Make the opposing forward hit perfect shots
c. Learn their strength and take that away by being in that hole/lane at least 80% of the time
d. Get in their head, be unpredictable - Change timing, position, etc so you can not be read
e. Adjust if you are getting torched - you will rarely shut people down, if it happens all the better but I do not expect that, I expect you to play smart and try and get in the other person head and if they start to get the better of you, then you adjust - keep them thinking, it will impact their shot

5. Alert Play
- play every possession when the opponent has the ball on their 5 bar and 3 bar like they are going to do something tricky because they will, it’s just a matter of time. Don’t fall into patterns when they are setting up because good ones will log that pattern for future reference and pull it out when it can really hurt you, stay one step ahead.

6. TimeOuts
- primarily should be managed by your forward for game tempo, strategy, etc but, it is your team too and you should call timeouts too:
a. Use timeouts to communicate with your partner (this goes both ways)
b. When you miss-execute a shot but retain possession call a time out…EVERY time, no exception - Todd Loffredo does this EVERY time...I have learned the hard way, nothing good ever comes of trying to continue after a whiff – hate to use a time out but in the end, it is well spent
c. When you are nervous and need to collect your thoughts
d. When you think your forward or team needs a time out. And if the forward has possession and you think the team (you or your forward) need a timeout, make it clear to the forward you want them to call the timeout

7. Forward Spot
– “Spot” for your forward - watch 5 bar and 3 bar defenses and let fwd know if you see tendencies, patterns, obvious holes, etc. An aside, forward should spot for the goalie and tell goalie 5 bar tendencies and other defensive patterns or opportunities, etc.

8. Tempo Manager - the goalie has a big opportunity to speed up or slow down the tempo of the game...use this to manage game tempo so it serves your team. You need to be in sync with your forward. You have 15 seconds when you have possession, use it to your advantage from 1 second to a full 14.9.

9. Encourage/challenge your forward
– build team, learn how your forward is motivated, is it a pat on the back, a yea man, or a challenge like at a time out on a big point your forward has the ball and you say “You gonna lay down on this or are you going to step up and hit this one out of the park?” This wouldn’t work for everyone but that’s why you need to get to know your forward. The goalie can do so much to manage the spirit of the team.

10. Scout Opponents
- Watch each team before you play – proactively watch the bracket and watch potential upcoming players and take notes (mental or actual) for tendencies – watch for the team.

Oh yea, and it wouldn’t hurt to learn some defense against the 3 rod too.
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Quote:% on when to shoot/pass/and clear the ball is hard to define. There
isn't really a set % that you can go by because it all depends on the
opposing foward. When your setting still there should be easy holes
that you can see to get the ball through. Usually these are holes
that the goalie is covering. These are your clearing holes. There
should be other holes (less of them) that are for shooting and for
passing. To be honest there are very few passing and shooting holes
in a good fowards defense b/c that is the job of the take
those away. Once you've taken advantage of the easy clears the foward
starts to try and get their men in the easy one's so that you don't
clear the ball so effortlessly, this means that other holes are
opening up and easier passes and shots should become open.
There is nothing better than taking clears and passes and watching a
large long hole develope b/c the foward is not paying as much
attention to it anymore. Wait until 3-3 or some other important point
and take advantage of this laps in defense.
"Man's way to God is with beer in hand." - some Belgium monk
very good read
Merv should read this.
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Where is that quote from? The second one, I mean?

Also, there seems to be a rather glaring hole in the first post: where's the point that says "Block the other forward"? ;p Or do goalies not do that anymore?
Read the last line of the first post.

Finally getting around to your suggestion from three years ago:
Original post -
"Man's way to God is with beer in hand." - some Belgium monk
(26-Oct-2011, 01:21 PM)5barwarrior Wrote: Read the last line of the first post.

Finally getting around to your suggestion from three years ago:
Original post -

Ahhh it wasn't bulleted so apparently my brain decided to ignore it. Smile

Who all is finally coming to Syracuse from O-Town?
Look under the Syracuse thread - no hijacking here.
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